16807258_10104849546107623_7110568320137574690_n-2This blog is a passion project of mine that is a result of years and years of collecting music and discovering new artists and songs that I want to share with the world. I always seem to be the one that is controlling jukeboxes at bars or putting together playlists for parties or get togethers. So why not share it with the world!

Now I am not a DJ by any means, but with the transformation of music via iTunes & Spotify, we’ve lost the art of the MixTape. So I consider myself more of a “music curator” and these mixes are a look into the music that is inspiring me at any given time. Some mixes may speak to you and you’ll love them (please share them if you do) and some mixes you’ll hate.

My taste in music is so eclectic, some weeks will be country, others EDM, there will be a lot of pop music. I love mixing together different genres to make you go “huh” who would even think of these songs together on a mix.