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16807258_10104849546107623_7110568320137574690_n-2This blog originally started as a passion project of mine that is a result of years & years of collecting music and discovering new artists & songs that I want to share with the world. But now that 2018 has arrived, and my blog is evolving to incorporate the music with stories and reflections of my life, I’ve decided to add to the site and use it as a hub for my online presence.

Music is just one of many things I am passionate about (as I write this about me, N.E.R.D. is blasting in the background) but as a millennial and having grown up in the era we have, social media has become one of the many ways I engage in the world. We have the world at our finger tips and so why not jump head first to engage and learn.

But lets see what else is there to know about me, I’m a passionate fan of Q.P.R. (Queen’s Park Rangers) football club in London, I love my Colorado Buffaloes and will always cheer for my childhood team the Duke Blue Devils. I love to travel, and explore new cities, restaurants, bars, museums, and anything else that is vibrant and exciting. Of course I’m always on the search for new artists and new music, since that is why I started this blog in the first place.

While I am no a DJ by any means, I do consider myself more of a “music curator” and the mixes I’ve created are a look into the music that is inspiring my blogs. Some mixes may speak to you and you’ll love them (please share them if you do) and some mixes you’ll hate.

My taste in music is so eclectic, some weeks will be country, others EDM, there will be a lot of pop music. I love mixing together different genres to make you go “huh” who would even think of these songs together on a mix.

Scott’s Resume

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