Rollercoaster of Dating & Love

625271444_1280x720“This is a story about a girl named Lucky“… or a boy named Scott.

Dating in these days isn’t easy. I’ll be the first to attest to it, just ask my friends. Boy meets boy on some app (most likely) goes on a couple dates if they don’t jump right into bed, then someone decides to go look for something better or that they are better friends, or already is seeing someone else while dragging you along.

I decided to try to turn this mix into a story, except with a happy ending this time (self-projecting into the future). It was one of the more difficult mixes I’ve put together so far, mainly because there are so many songs about love and heartbreak, and how do you get the right ones to tell bits and pieces of a story. I had to break it up into different themes of: crushing/lusting for someone, falling for them, having your heartbroken, self-healing/recovering, falling in love, happy ever after. Without further ado…

Act 1: First Love
I think it all starts when we realize that we are Ready for Love, because if we aren’t nothing matters, but once we do all we think about are Boys (or girls haha). Boy meets boy, gives out their number hoping he gets a call, or text, we are in the 21st century after (Call Me Maybe), and once we get to know them we start to fall for them (Into You), and question if they feel the same way about you (How Will I Know). We hope they do and just Say You Love Me. Inevitably it’s just our  1st love that we thought would last forever and it ends up failing, we wonder if It Must Have Been Love, and the ghosts (Ghosts of You & Me) of that relationship haunt us. Of course as most guys do they try to linger around, and perhaps they do want you back, but you’ve decided to move on and not give a fuck (IDGAF)!

Act 2: Rebound
Shaun_Dunn-e1433380929119So you grab your friends and head out for a night on the town (Bartender). Of course your friends have your back and play your wingman over the next few weeks / months and make sure you meet cute boys to which you throw inhibition to the wind and see what happens (Do You Wanna Come Over), (Bad Decisions), (Sex For Breakfast). Of course none of these boys want to actually commit to anything more then a few nights of fun, and so you start to wonder why you keep making the same mistakes over and over again (Drowning Shadows), or they whisper sweet nothings to you about how they just need you to be patient with them (Don’t Say You Love Me).

Act 3: It Never Works Out
DLyP_cRW4AAmFps.jpg-large-2.jpegOf course after you start to repair yourself you meet someone who is just your type (My Type) and a new cycle starts to repeat itself. Infatuation strikes because you are a Sucka For Love, and after a month or 2 of seeing each other, of course they decide to break your heart, and as much as you want them to fall for you they don’t (I Can’t Make You Love Me). The worst part is when you fall for someone so much and see a future with them they don’t see (Dangerously). As you recover and realize it’s just Another Lonely Night you begin to ponder what’s next?

Act 4: Why Not Me?
We all have these crushes from a far that you see around town on dates with someone just like you, and yet won’t give you the time of day (Your Type). When they finally do they either mess with your head and heart or tell you that you should just be friends and yet you never get a reason why besides IDK it just won’t work out… (Games). You begin to question everything and just wish that you never would have even tried with them (Unkiss Me) (Tears in the Rain).

Act 5: Self-Worth
Adobe Spark-2.jpgAfter you’ve repeated Acts 2, 3, & 4, you start to begin to value where you are in life, and realize It Won’t Kill Ya or that cute boy at the bar to dance with each other, and that maybe you are just Scared to be Lonely at the end of the day. Maybe it works out with this guy maybe it doesn’t (Is This Love?), but when you realize it isn’t you finally have the self-worth to tell them “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” and you’ve become all Too Good at Goodbyes and have finally set some New Rules for yourself after having your heart broken time and time again.

One of These Days we will all find love and I continue to remind myself this over and over again, as I Learn to Love Again (over Pizza of course).

Act 6: Finding a love that will last…
[FULL DISCLOSURE, this is where I have no relatable experience]
You finally meet someone that gives you butterflies and start to think Oh My Goodness he may be the one. With all the Skeletons of your past you doubt yourself but The Feeling you feel is overwhelming and you just want them to Run Away With you (Me). You realize that they’ve got everything that’s been missing from the past men (You’ve Got It All) and that if It’s Meant to Be, it’ll happen. Finally someone feels the same way about you as you do them and you’re in Crazy Stupid Love and Lost in Heaven.
One day down the road you realize that they are the one, (You Are In Love) and decide to Bind Your Love, and have your first dance knowing they are the Mirror(s) that completes you.

I feel like I could write a book about this, but I’m sure we all could and we all have our own stories to tell. Dating isn’t easy, but thank goodness for friends to help us get through the ups and the downs of it.


1. Ready for Love – Olly Murs
2. Boys (Acoustic) & (Nevada Remix) – Charli xcx
3. Call Me Maybe (Gabe Flaherty Remix) – Carly Rae Jepsen
4. Into You (Cosmic Dawn & Andy Reece Radio Edit) – Ariana Grande
5. How Will I Know (Oliver Nelson Remix) – Whitney Houston
6. Say You Love Me (Alex Adair Remix) – Jessie Ware
7. It Must Have Been Love – Prides
8. Ghost of You & Me – BBMak
9. IDGAF – Dua Lipa
10. Bartender – Lady Antebellum
11. Do You Wanna Come Over (Trace Adam Remix) – Britney Spears
12. Bad Decisions – Ariana Grande
13. Sex for Breakfast – Christina Aguilera
14. Drowning Shadows – Sam Smith
15. Don’t Say You Love Me – Fifth Harmony
16. My Type [Feat. Emily Warren] – The Chainsmokers
17. Sucks For Love – Danity Kane
18. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Union J
19. Dangerously – Charlie Puth
20. Another Lonely Night – Adam Lambert
21. Your Type – Carly Rae Jepsen
22. Games – Demi Lovato
23. Unkiss Me – Maroon 5
24. Tears in the Rain – Nathan Sykes
25. It Won’t Kill Ya [Feat. Louane] – The Chainsmokers
26. Sacred to Be Lonely (Joe Mason Remix) – Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa
27. Is This Love? – James Arthur
28. You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore – Demi Lovato
29. Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith
30. New Rules – Dua Lipa
31. One of These Days – Olly Murs
32. Learn to Love Again – Lawson
33. Pizza – Martin Garrix
34. Oh My Goodness – Olly Murs
35. Skeletons – James Arthur
36. The Feeling [Feat. Halsey] – Justin Bieber
37. Run Away With Me – Carly Rae Jepsen
38. You Got It All – Union J
39. Meant to Be [Feat. Florida Georgia Line] – Bebe Rexha
40. Crazy Stupid Love [Feat. Tinie Tempah] – Cheryl
41. Lost in Heaven – Blake Lewis
42. You Are In Love – Taylor Swift
43. Bind Your Love – Cher Lloyd
44. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake

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