Last week the music industry lost a unique and talented vocalist in Chester Bennington. Now I’ve never been a big fan of “screamo” rock music, but when I was in Middle School (2000), Linkin Park released Hybrid Theory. There was something unique about this band, and it was obvious when they remixed their debut album and created a Hip Hop / Electronic / Rock hybrid Reanimation.

Then in 2003 they released Meteora and the 3rd single from the album may be one of my favorite songs of all time, Numb. There has been many times in life that I’ve either felt numb to the world, or that I was failing at life, and this song is just one of those songs that speaks to my soul.

And of course after they put out this great album, they went and mashed it up with Jay-Z.  They took Numb and mashed it up with Encore which completely changed the song, without ruining the original version. One of the most incredible things about Chester, Mike & the rest of Linkin Park was that they were never afraid to play around with their sound. Whether that was becoming more electronic, more hip hop, or just changing the way their rock music sounded, as with their latest album, Chester’s voice was unique and always told a story with his voice.

Depression and suicide are serious health issues. As humans we all deal with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses and all on different levels. Mental health needs to be talked about more in society and we need to treat it as a serious issue, especially with all the health care debate in congress right now.

This mixtape is dedicated to Linkin Park and the incredible music that they created with Chester. Both versions of Numb are on here (since I love both in very different ways) as well as many of their other hits. I included a few of the Collision Course mashups because  it gave the mixtape a nice change, just like Linkin Park has done with their sound over the last 17 years.

linkin-for-articleSide story: Back one summer in Myrtle Beach I convinced my grandmother to let me dye my hair bright red, just as one of the band members from Linkin Park had done. One thing we forgot to do was to bleach my hair first, so the red never stuck. It went from red to a weird pink / orange, then one day we went to the ocean and it all faded out and was splotchy blonde for a few weeks.


1. Numb / Encore [Feat. Jay-Z]
2. In The End
3. New Divide
4. Talking to Myself
5. Jigga What / Faint [Feat. Jay-Z]
6. We Made It [Feat. Busta Rhymes]
7. Bleed It Out
8. Papercut
9. Somewhere I Belong
10. Place For My Head
11. What I’ve Done
12. Leave Out All the Rest
13. Heavy
14. Battle Symphony
16. Until It’s Gone
17. Shadow of The Day
19. Rnw@Y
20. Crawling
21. Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer [Feat. Jay-Z]
22. Waiting For The End
23. Hands Held High
24. Numb


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