Moments of inspiration come at the most random times, this one came to me Monday morning in my shower (I actually do my best thinking, and reflect the most in there) after a busy Pride weekend, as I was feeling down on myself. I turned on some Rihanna, not sure why to be honest, and while I was showering “Love the Way You Lie” came on and it triggered an idea for this mix and the next one.

music-is-the-medicine-of-the-breaking-heart-quote-1I’ve always had a playlist of songs that I turn on after I’ve been dumped, rejected or feeling broken and at my lowest. Hell we all need a good cry now and then, This mix is a bunch of songs that come from that playlist, and should help with heartache like it has mine the countless number of times. Music speaks to my heart in a way my brain doesn’t. For as many times as I’ve been dumped and/or rejected music does something to ease the pain. Maybe it’s the fact that artists are the ones writing these songs that resonate with me, and it’s the comfort that I’m not alone in going through the same pain.

The next mix will be about moving on from this heartbreak.



1. Love The Way You Lie (Part 2) [Feat. Eminem] – Rihanna
2. Bed of Lies [Feat. Skylar Grey] – Nicki Minaj
3. Dear No One – Tori Kelly
4. Heart on My Sleeve – Olly Murs
5. i hate u, i love u [Feat. Olivia O’Brien] – gnash
6. Drowning Shadows – Sam Smith
7. Run – Nicole Scherzinger
8. Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic) [Feat. Dua Lipa] – Martin Garrix
9. One of These Days – Olly Murs
10. Roses – Carly Rae Jepsen
11. Turning Tables – Adele
12. Say Something [Feat. Christina Aguilera] – A Great Big World
13. Good Enough – Little Mix
14. Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Leona Lewis
15. The Sun Will Rise – Kelly Clarkson
16. Tears in the Rain – Nathan Sykes
17. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Union J
18. Rehab – Rihanna
19. You Think You Know Somebody – Hunter Hayes
20. Break Up In A Small Town – Sam Hunt
21. Dreaming with A Broken Heart – John Mayer
22. It’s Over – Jesse McCartney
23. Unkiss Me – Maroon 5
24. This Song Is About You – Olly Murs
25. Another Lonely Night – Adam Lambert
26. Need You Know – Lady Antebellum
27. Reminds Me of You – Sam Smith
28. Crying for No Reason – Katy B
29. Empty Words – Christina Aguilera
30. Scared of Lonely – Beyonce
31. Alive – Leona Lewis
32. Fix You – Coldplay


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